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How do I become a sub-contractor?
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bullet The company “Jovanjica” is fully dedicated to the manufacturing and distribution of organic foods and organic products. Our mission is to provide full support to producers who have decided to be professionally engaged in organic farming.

bullet Jovanjica d.o.o. is a leader among domestic manufacturers, distributors and exporters of organic food. Our team of experts is always ready to answer all your questions and concerns. We invite you to visit us if you are interested in a partnership.

bullet  Under the cooperation, we have the full support at all stages of organic production, the application for inspections and certifications, and management of documents. Our support goes from certification through procurement of necessary materials and raw materials to product placement

bullet With the cooperation for the production of certified organic fruits and vegetables, we invite you to participate in the development of our joint project to participate, which includes organic products, fruits, vegetables, different crop cultures, meat, milk, cheese, eggs and products based of fruits and vegetables.

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What documents are needed?

If you start organic farming, the following documents are required:

bullet A copy of the possession list of the cadastre with numbers for each plot.
bullet The lease, if the land is not your property.
bullet Excerpt from the register of agricultural households.
bullet Log Management for Treasury
bullet Sketch of the farmland, hand-drawn with marked pitches and sown or planted crops.

To know more details about your stocks, we need the following information:

bullet A list of machines that you own (a specific list of machines and implemented special list).
bullet List of vegetable crops, with the most experience.
bullet List of arable crops with which you most experience
bullet Soil analysis for the years 2014 and 2015, if available.

What if you own the land that was not processed in more than 3 years?

bullet You will need to prove from the local agricultural extension services which shows that the plot was not treated.
bullet Take photos of uncultivated plots (taken by daytime to increase recognizability).


With the signing of the contract begins the realization with the cooperation – production of certified organic goods

What does that mean?

It means we will give you everything that is necessary to start your production, and to acquire your complete products according to the previously pre-negotiated rates.

What does the term “everything necessary” mean?

bullet For use in organic production seeds, plant cuttings, seed stocks, fertilizers and preservatives are allowed, as well as other supply methods (packaging, strip irrigation, PET bags, boxes, etc.).
bullet Help and advice on equipment suitable for organic farming purchase (labor and tools)
bullet Training for the production of organic goods
bullet Active surveillance during production, and regular visits
bullet Assistance for the collection and management of the entire organic production in the context of the necessary documents.

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